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Helicopter FAQ's

Based in Houston, TX, Central Helicopter Services provides safe and cost effective helicopter services including shuttle services, lightering, transport, aerial inspection, and cinematography services.

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How do we charge?

We charge based on flight time from start up to shut down. We have a 1 hour minimum. After the first hour, time is charged by 1/10 of an hour. Our rates become even more economical when a committed number of hours are in effect.

How do I know you are not overcharging?

Our ships are equipped with an hour meter (Hobbs) that displays the actual flight time in tenths (.1) of an hour.

Does anyone check to ensure that you are safe?

Central Helicopter is an FAA Certified Part 135 operator. This certificate is extremely difficult and time consuming to get and to retain. We are visited by the FAA on a regular basis to insure that our aircraft, personnel, operations and procedures are in strict compliance.

How do I schedule a flight?

You may schedule right now by selecting reservations or call us direct at (713) 644-5900.

How much notice do you require?

We do not have any set restrictions on the amount of notice necessary; however, it is to your benefit to schedule as far in advance as possible. Sometimes demand is so great that we don't have enough ships to accommodate everyone. We schedule on a "first come" basis so plan ahead if possible.

Is there a charge if I cancel?

There is a $100 charge if you cancel in less than an hour of departure time; unless… the reason for cancellation is ]]>