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Offshore Helicopter Services

Based in Houston, Texas, Central Helicopter Services provides safe and cost effective offshore helicopter services from lightering to supply transport to crew and VIP shuttle services. Contact us online or call 713-644-5900 to discuss your offshore helicopter services needs.

  • Steamship Lightering and Coast Guard Personnel Transport

    CHS operates under a U.S. Coast Guard Letter of Authority, which provides certification to perform lightering operations for Steamship Companies as well as Coast Guard personnel.

    wide view of a helicopter on a steamship deck helicopter on a ship during a lightering mission helicopter on a steasmship helipad side view of a helicopter on a steamship helipad
  • Offshore Deliveries & Transport

    CHS clients get flexible and responsive services for materials delivery and personnel transportation.

  • Remote Hot Shot Deliveries

    Get materials and supplies wherever you need them with Central Helicopter Service's remote hot shot delivery service.

  • VIP Shuttles

    Our Bell 206 LongRangers have large air conditioned aft cabins with comfortable club seating. You will be met by a courteous professional and may board at a location of your choice.

  • Crew Change

    Call CHS for safe, reliable, and cost-effective crew changes. We have decades of experience supporting offshore operations and are ready to accommodate nearly any landing and take off scenarios.

  • Provisioning

    double-hinged doors open

    Our Bell 206 LongRangers have special double hinged opening doors on the port side to accommodate large and bulky cargo. The left front seat back may be removed to accommodate a litter, which facilitates carriage of injured personnel.