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Helicopter Services in Houston, TX

Central Helicopter Service, Inc. was conceived in April 1992 based on the premise that helicopters save lives and provide solutions not attainable through any other means.  Contact us online or call 713-644-5900 to schedule your helicopter service.

Helicopter Services in Houston, TX

Our turbine powered helicopters are practical for helicopter transport services, long hauls, out-of-ground hovering for power lines, and chemical plant inspections. To accommodate our aerial cinematography clients, we routinely remove doors to facilitate wide angle video and still photography. We are equipped for offshore work such as lightering, crew change, inspector/VIP transportation, and supply deliveries. (See Customer List).

Excellent Safety Standards & Equipment

CHS is a Federal Aviation Administration certified Part 135 Operator and NVG (Night Vision Goggle) certified, coupled with our extensive ongoing preventative maintenance making your safety our top priority!

Feel free to review our Aircraft Services below in more detail on the Aircraft Services page. Contact us today at 713-644-5900 for additional information.


  • Steamship Lightering and Coast Guard Personnel Transport
  • Offshore Deliveries & Transport
  • Remote Hot Shot Deliveries
  • Crew Change
  • Provisioning

Aerial Cinematography

  • Electronic News Gathering
  • Movie/Photo/TV Work
  • Offshore Advertising Video & Brochure Photo Work

Aerial Inspection

  • Engineering, Geotechnical, Environmental, Pipeline Routing, Sighting & Wildlife Studies
  • Refinery and Chemical Plant Flare Inspections

Aerial Surveys

  • Special Events
  • Tours & Sight-seeing
  • Twilight Champagne Flights